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During the school day events of school life there may be occasions when children are unhappy with an event or decision that has been made. We encourage parents to discuss this with us so that we can do our best to explain, and where necessary, rectify the situation. The following stages explain the procedure for making a complaint.



Discuss the issue with the member of staff involved, this will probably be the class teacher. Explain what the problem is and what you wish to do be done to resolve the matter. If you are still unhappy please request to speak to one of the senior managers of the school  Mrs J. Myerscough or Miss H. Babbs.



If you are unhappy and feel that the matter is unresolved you should speak to the headteacher or write a letter of complaint addressed to the Chair of Governors. An investigation will be held and a written response made within 10 school days. If this is not possible then you will be told and a written response made within 10 days. (If this is not possible then you will be informed of the date by which it will be done.)



Very few matters ever reach this stage, however if you are still dissatisfied then you should write to the Clerk of Governors (via school) enclosing a copy of your original written complaint form. A full copy of the complaints procedures for Stage 3 will be given to at this point to guide you.

Please note there are regular meetings with Parent Governors that give you the opportunity to discuss any issues or questions that you may have as well as to suggest ideas that school may wish to consider. It is not, however, the role of the parent governor to bring a complaint on your behalf, they will, of course, be more than happy to assist you.


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