Child Protection Procedures



There are three main elements to our child protection policy:
 Prevention: Positive school attitude, teaching & pastoral, supporting pupils etc.
 Protection: Follow agreed procedures, ensure staff are trained in accordance with Sec175 Education Act 2002 which states that training should be every 2 years for designated teachers of child protection and every 3 years for the rest of the staff, including non teaching assistants and welfare staff.
 Support: To pupils, school staff and to children who may have been abused.
Our school will therefore:
a) Establish and maintain an ethos where children feel secure and are encouraged to talk and are listened to.
b) Ensure that children know that there are adults in the school who they can approach if they are worried or in difficulty.
c) Include in the curriculum activities and opportunities for PSHE + C, which equip children with the skills they need to, stay safe from abuse.
d) Include in the curriculum material, which will help children develop realistic attitudes to the responsibilities of adult life, particularly with regard to childcare and parenting skills.