Nursery Admissions
To apply for a Nursery place please complete this online form which will automatically come to school.
Reception Admissions
If you completed an online application you will be emailed directly. Any applications completed via paper you will need to contact admissions directly for confirmation over the phone.
Please email the school to confirm acceptance of the place and provide a copy of your child’s birth and Baptism certificates and we will reply as soon as possible to confirm receipt of the confirmation – Thank you.

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Mid Year Admission Application Form

Admission Criteria 2020-2021

Baptism Leaflet


St Joseph & St. Bede is a Roman Catholic Primary School provided by the Diocese of Salford and is maintained by Bury Local Authority as a voluntary aided primary school. The school’s governing body is the admission authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applicants for admission. For the school year commencing 2021/2022 the governing body’s agreed admission number is 45. 

Admission to the school will be made by the governing body in accordance with the stated parental preferences it receives subject to the following criteria which will be used to form a priority order if there are more applications for admission than the school has places available. Special Educational Needs – If a child has an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP)  naming a specific school there is a duty for the school to admit the child.

Supplementary Form 

1. Baptised Roman Catholic children who are in public care including adopted children who were previously in care.

2. Baptised Roman Catholic children who will have a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission and resident in the parish of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

3. Baptised Roman Catholic children resident in the parish of St. Joseph.

4. Other baptised Roman Catholic children who will have a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission and are resident in another parish.

5. Other baptised Roman Catholic children who are resident in another parish.

6. Other children who are in public care.

7. Other children with a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission.

8. Other children.

Please note: 

 If there is over-subscription in any category, places will be offered using a straight line distance measurement from home to school. The distance will be measured using the Local Authority’s computerised mapping system, which measures from the address point of the home property to the address point of the school as defined by Bury Local Authority computerised mapping system that uses the ordnance survey integrated network.

 The school will hold a waiting list for the first term after the normal admission round, i.e. September to December. If places become available, they will be offered in accordance with the school’s admission policy.

 If there is a situation where only one place is available and the next children to be offered are twins or triplets, both twins and the three triplets will be offered places, except where this would breach infant class size legislation.


To appeal against a decision we use Bury LA and the information can be found here:

PRIMARY NOTES 2021-2022 

a) The governing body is the admissions authority. The admissions committee is comprised of the following governors: Chair of governors, Parish Priest and Headteacher.

b) The Local Authority Primary Admissions Handbook which gives details of the co-ordinated admission arrangements will be available in the Autumn Term prior to admission.

c) Parents must complete a common application form and express a preference for primary school admission. The closing date for all applicants is 15th January 2021. All applicants will be considered by the governors at the same time in a fair way according to the published criteria. A link to the online form can be found here:

d) Supplementary Form 

The supplementary form must only request information relating to the fact of baptism. Any further

information usually collected by the school should be requested on admission.

e) Parents will be informed of the governors’ decision An offer of a place does not guarantee a place for brothers and sisters in subsequent years.

f) Each Roman Catholic applicant will be required to produce a baptismal certificate.

g) Parents should check carefully whether they are resident within the parish boundaries of St. Joseph’s. Map illustrating parish boundary is available at the school office.

h) All applicants resident in the parish of St. Joseph’s will be required to provide proof of address, by supplying an original, up-to-date, utility bill or family credit book.

i) It is the duty of governors to comply with class size limits at Key Stage One. This means that the school cannot operate classes in Key Stage One of more than 30 children.

j) If in any category there are more applications than places available, priority will be given on the basis of proximity to the school. This will be determined by the straight line distance digitally measure by the LA system.

k) Where a child lives with parents with shared responsibility, each part of the week, the ‘home’ address will be determined as being where the child resides for the majority of the school week.

l) The term ‘brothers and sisters’ will be taken to include step brothers and sisters living at the same address. Shared parenting – where a child has parents with shared responsibility and lives with each for part of the week, the home address will be decided by using the address on the Child Benefit payment book. Foster children and children of partners living in the same household. The governing body reserves the right to give special consideration to twins or triplets etc to prevent breaking the sibling link. However, the governing body must comply with maximum class size of 30 children.

m) If the school is oversubscribed, a waiting list will be maintained. This will be ordered according to the admission over-subscription criteria.

n) Late applications will be considered in accordance with the published admissions criteria. If the school is over subscribed, late applications will be placed on a reserve list in priority order according to the published admissions criteria. Parents will be notified if a vacancy subsequently arises. Parents will be expected to provide a reason/s for the late application. If this is not exceptional the application will be dealt with after all others have been dealt with.

o) Parents are asked to read and confirm receipt of the Governors’ published admission policy. Any changes to the policy will be circulated to all applicants on file for subsequent years.

p) If an application for admission has been turned down by the governing body parents can appeal to an independent appeals panel. This appeal must be sent in writing to the clerk to the governors at the school within 14 days of notification of refusal. The date of notification will be 2 working days after posting by first class post. The parents must give their reasons for appealing in writing and the decision of the appeals panel is binding on the governors. The outcome of the appeal is binding on the parents and on the governing body.

Useful Links can be found on the Bury Council Website