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Inspection dates  17th January 2017
This school continues to be good. 

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You have developed a caring school where the individual strengths and interests of pupils are welcomed and promoted. You strive to make sure the school responds well to the challenges typically faced by local families by offering help wherever you can. You set high expectations that every pupil will succeed. You make St Joseph and St Bede an oasis of calm support and learning. One member of the governing body captured this well in the comment: ‘When I leave this school after a visit, I always feel better than when I came in.’

You make sure the Catholic ethos of the school continues to shape the life of staff and pupils. This shows in the strong promotion of values such as respect, honesty and joy, as well as developing pupils’ strong understanding of their own Catholic faith.

For pupils, this is a school where there are many extra-curricular opportunities to develop new skills or be given further help whenever learning is difficult. There is a strong emphasis on doing your best and on your work being celebrated in special books or displayed carefully around the school. Several displays of pupils’ learning in corridors are presented beautifully. Across classes, pupils show positive attitudes to learning and settle well in lessons.

At the previous inspection, inspectors recommended that the school continue to improve the quality of teaching. Over the last four years you have made sure that pupils benefit from good and better teaching across subjects. At times this has been challenging, and in 2016 there was a hiccup in how well pupils did in key stage 1. Leaders have addressed this issue quickly and successfully. Your decisions in appointing new staff, as well as challenging, supporting and developing your existing team, are well considered and continue to strengthen teaching across the school.

A further recommendation at the previous inspection was that you raise pupils’ achievement in mathematics. You have achieved improvement by addressing this issue with great determination. You have succeeded in making sure pupils across the school have well-developed problem-solving skills that they use well in mathematics and other subjects. You have overhauled how pupils look at next steps in their own learning so they consider fully how they might improve their work. Given national changes in the teaching of mathematics since the last inspection, you have responded well to this new challenge. Staff are learning and using many new skills in teaching this subject and there is now a buzz of excitement linked to mathematics across classes. We discussed that your next key step is to focus even more sharply on the needs of the most able pupils so they fulfil every aspect of their potential to achieve highly in mathematics and other subjects.

The previous strength of the school in the early years remains. This is because you have invested in supporting the further development of staff working with the youngest children. You make sure that staff learn from their active involvement in wider early years work with the local authority. This is bringing benefit to the school, not least in better teaching. Children in the early years make strong progress in their learning and the proportion of children achieving a good level of development by the end of Reception is now above the national average. This good start to school extends into Year 1 where pupils’ attainment in the Year 1 phonics screening check is now above the national figures.

You believe in promoting inclusion for all pupils. For example, you have worked successfully to review all aspects of the school to meet the needs of supporting pupils who are dyslexic. This has resulted in the school achieving a national accreditation for supporting dyslexia.

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Inspection Date:  8|12|2015

The Inspection judgements are: Grades 1 = Outstanding   2 = Good   3 = Satisfactory   4 = Inadequate  
Overall effectiveness of the school 2
The quality of Catholic Leadership 1
The quality of the Word 2
The quality of the Welcome 1
The quality of Welfare 1
The quality of Worship 1
The quality of Witness 1
The following pages provide reasons to support these judgements 


St Joseph and St Bede RC School is a good Catholic school with significant outstanding features. The headteacher, staff and governors have high aspirations for the school and have worked as a cohesive team to bring about positive changes. There is a strong commitment to developing every child academically, socially and spiritually and the school successfully creates a supportive and nurturing learning environment in which every child can thrive. Children’s behaviour is outstanding and they demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm; during the inspection the children were a credit to the school and their parents. A positive and energetic atmosphere permeates every aspect of the school and this creates a secure and happy learning environment in which all members of the community feel welcomed. The parents feel that belonging to St Joseph and St Bede is like being part of a family and this is a strength of the school.

The teaching of religious education overall is good and the children demonstrate a secure religious knowledge and faith commitment. Children are provided with a range of opportunities to worship and explore their faith further. The school engages parents in the religious development of their child by welcoming them into school to worship together and providing information about the RE curriculum. The children are confident and enthusiastic learners who bear witness to the Gospel values.

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