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This policy statement outlines the activities undertaken at St. Joseph & St. Bede RC Primary School and the charges that may be levied.

Activity  Charge 
Peripatetic music lessons Charge dependent on numbers Reduction for pupils in receipt of free school meals 
Swimming £ no charge 
Visitor to school e.g. Theatre group Contribution 
Educational visit Cost of coach and entrance Reduction for parents in receipt of benefit upon request. 
Milk n/a 
Fruit No charge (infants) 
Exercise books & consumables No charge 
Book bags £2.50 


Out side the school day the following activities may incur a charge or financial contribution.

Activity Charge 
Clubs run by school staff No charge except for consumables e.g. baking 
Clubs run by outside providers Cost of staff and resources in other cases. 
Homework books £1.25 
Pupil planners No charge 
Lost or damages books Homework books £1.25 Planners £2.00 Library book £2.00 Reading book £2.00 
Visits organised outside school e.g. theatre trip Cost of transport and entrance No reduction for parents in receipt of benefit. 
Residential holiday Cost of transport and accommodation Assisted places, available where funds allow, upon request 

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