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DownloadLunchtime Policy and Procedures


Lunchtimes can be problematic for children as they are in school but outside the normal classroom environment. In primary schools, most incidents of poor behaviour and up to three quarters of bullying takes place in the playground.


  • At St Joseph & St Bede RC Primary School Primary we aim to ensure that lunchtimes are a constructive time for recreation, exercise and social interaction.
  • We expect the same school rules and standards of behaviour to apply as during the rest of the school day.
  • We expect children to respond to the authority of lunchtime supervisors and treat them with the same respect as other adults in the school.
  • Related documents: Behaviour Policy, Bullying Policy, Use of Force Policy and Child Protection Policy.


Strategies to Develop Constructive Lunchtimes

  • Regular Communication
  • Clear School Rules
  • Clear Rewards and Sanctions
  • Clear Routines/Roles
  • Designated Play and Quiet Areas
  • Play leaders
  • Organised Lunchtime Activities and Clubs
  • Lunchtime Supervisor Training/ Guidance

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