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Our Mission
Our school is a welcoming Catholic community, with Christ at the centre.

Through worship, we come together to listen and speak to God, to spread the Gospel message and move forward in faith together.  

As ‘Guardians of Life and Creation’; we work together with respect, understanding, honesty and joy, to develop love, tolerance and justice for all. We strive for greatness in our learning, we develop our unique talents and each day we take pride in all our efforts and achievements.



  • To promote God, Gospel values, spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To promote the development of each individual to have respect for themselves and for one another.
  • To provide a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, allowing all to achieve their best by meeting the needs of all and promoting high expectations.
  • To provide a warm, welcoming, caring environment which is safe and stimulating.
  • To promote a strong partnership between school, family, parish and community.

Who to contact in school?

SENCO: Miss C Wheeler

Assistant SENCO: Mrs D Pearson

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