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Follow your child’s class teacher on Twitter to see what they are getting up to every day.  Only a few of these tweets will appear on the school Facebook, so if don’t want to miss a thing, follow them directly. Tweets by StJosephStBede   Tweets by GIFTTeam2017 Tweets by C_A_SJSB Tweets by Mrsmcdonald11 Tweets by […]

Attendance Award Autumn 1 Week 2

As a school our target is above 97% attendance in each class. Did you know? 95% attendance sounds good, but means that you are taking one day off a month. Here are the attendance figures for this week. Well done Mrs. Singleton’s Class with 98.70%.  They have gained the trophy this week and have earned […]

Stations of the Cross Holy Week 2017

Each class planned, organised and set up a station which were thought provoking and very moving.  The children in each class took it in turns to move around the stations, completing a task at each station. We are very grateful to two of our Year 7 Past Pupils Billy and Joe who gave up the […]

Attendance Award Week 4 – Spring 2

We are aiming for above 97% attendance. The attendance for each class this week is: Class 1: 98.64% Class 2: 97.08% Class 3: 94.14% Class 4: 93.57% Class 5: 93.93% Class 6: 96.43% Class 7: 96.77% Class 8: 97.81% Class 9:97.50% Class 10:98.23% Class 11: 95.00% Well done Class 1 Miss. Purdy‘s class, you have won our Attendance Award with 98.64% attendance and have gained an extra 5 jigsaw’s.